Rules if the club

  1. The name of the Club shall be Portishead Amateur Swimming Club. The Club shall be conducted in strict accordance with the laws and rules of the Amateur Swimming Association. The Club shall be affiliated to Somerset County Amateur Swimming Association and the Amateur Swimming Association South West Region.

  2. Aims and Objectives

  3. (1) The objective of the Club shall be teaching, development and practice of swimming, diving, synchro and water polo for its members.
    (2) The Club will implement the A.S.A. Equal Opportunities policy.
    (3) The Club and its members shall in accordance with A.S.A. Laws adopt the A.S.A. Child Protection Procedures; and shall recognise that the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility and that they have a right to have fun whilst being safe and protected from harm.

  4. Membership

  5. a. Membership shall consist of
    (i) Full member
    (ii) Associate member
    (iii) Temporary Member
    (iv) Honorary Member
    Full member shall enjoy all the facilities of the club and be eligible to enter the club Gala All competing members shall be eligible for competition as defined by ASA law
    Associate membership shall include: non-swimming officials, poolside helpers, teachers and coaches. Membership shall be available to parents of junior members, and such other persons involved in Club sessions sanctioned by the committee, but not involved in coaching or tuition.
    Temporary membership shall be available to persons attending learn to swim courses for the duration of the course and to any other individual approved by the committee. Temporary members have no voting rights, but are otherwise subject to the rules.
    Honorary membership may only be awarded for outstanding achievement in the sport or to persons who have rendered great service to the Club. Nominations supported by 10 members will be acted on by the committee’s recommendation.

  6. Application for Membership

  7. a. Any person wishing to join the Club shall submit a signed application to the secretary who will process it on behalf of the committee. A junior application must be signed by the swimmers parent or guardian. Upon receiving payment of the membership fee a membership card will be issued. Applicants shall there upon enjoy all privileges of the Club.
    b. Members shall not be entitled to the Club privileges or compete in competitions until their fees and all liabilities to the Club have been paid. Any member failing to pay his or her fee within 3 weeks of the start of each term shall cease to be a member of the Club.
    c. The Club shall not refuse an application for membership on discriminatory grounds whether in relation to ethnic origin, age, sex, religion, disability, political persuasion or sexual orientation
    d. Members changing residence shall give notice thereof to the secretary.
    e. All helpers must be Club members.
    f. Any dispute or complaint must be made in writing to the Secretary who shall lay same before the committee at an early date.

  8. Termination of Membership

  9. a. The committee shall have the power to terminate the membership of any member whom the committee considers to have been guilty of persistent abuse of Club rules.
    b. The committee shall in all respects have the power to terminate the membership of any member who is in the opinion of the committee unworthy of membership.
    c. Members who are absent for 3 sessions without reason given will be considered to have a cancelled membership.Any person whose membership is terminated under clauses 5(a) 5(b) or 5(c) hereof shall have the right to require the committee to review its decision and shall have the right for written submission to be put to the committee and/or the ASA for its consideration. d . Where a membership is terminated the member shall not be entitled to return of membership fee or any part thereof otherwise at the committee’s absolute discretion.
    e. The Club shall adopt and comply with the ASA Guidelines for handling internal disputes (The Guidelines) as the same may be revised from time to time.

  10. Finance

  11. a. The Financial Year shall run from 1st August to 31st July.
    b. The Treasurer shall present independently examined financial accounts at the A.G.M
    c. The termly fee shall normally be decided at the A.G.M.
    d. All fees shall be renewed by the third week of each term and new members will pay their fees within 21 days of their application being accepted.
    e. The committee shall retain for a minimum period of 6 years all financial records and copies of minutes of all meetings relating to the club

  12. Officers and Committee Members

  13. a. The officers and committee of the Club shall be elected at the AGM.
    b. The committee of the Club shall consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and six committee members who shall all be over 18 years.
    c. A Welfare Officer to be appointed in accordance with A.S.A. rules.

  14. Powers of the Committee

  15. a. The management of the Club shall be vested in the committee.
    b. A minimum of 5 members shall be required to form a quorum including one executive officer. Items to be decided by a simple majority with the chairman having the deciding vote.
    c. A minuted committee meeting will take place at least four times a year. Notice shall be sent to each member seven days before the date of same. Any poolside proposals reached by a quorum shall be notified to all committee members before being actioned. Anyone being absent from three successive meetings without reason may be considered no longer a member and another co-opted in their place on the committee.
    d. In addition to the powers and discretions specifically vested in the committee hereunder the committee shall have the power to, (i) adjust the termly fees to cover pool charges (ii) fix the date of AGM (iii) fill any vacancies in their number until the next AGM.
    e. The committee is required to maintain an accident report book and submit an annual return to the A.S.A.

  16. Annual General Meeting

  17. a. An AGM shall be held each year in the autumn term with a minimum quorum of 7.
    b. At least 14 days notice of the AGM shall be given by the secretary to each member of the Club over the age of 16 years who shall be entitled to attend and vote at the AGM.
    c. At the AGM the Club shall appoint its officers and committee, appoint an independent examiner, approve the accounts of the Club, establish the membership fees for the succeeding year, and deal with any other business of which details have previously been submitted to the secretary and circulated to members entitled to receive notice of the AGM at least 14 days before the date fixed for the AGM.

  18. Extraordinary General Meetings

  19. An extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Club shall be called
    (i) at the discretion of the committee, or
    (ii) on application in writing of no less than 20 members of the Club submitted to the secretary. and in either case:
    (iii) at least 14 days notice of each EGM shall be given to all members entitled to receive notice of the AGM;
    (iv) such notice shall specify the nature and purpose of the business to be dealt with at the EGM and (if appropriate) the wording of any specific resolution intended to be proposed.

  20. Competitions

  21. a. The rules of the Annual Club Championships shall be determined by the committee each year in conjunction with the technical rules and laws of A.S.A.
    b. Only club members are eligible to enter.
    c. Any dispute or complaint must be made in writing to the secretary who shall lay same before the committee at an early date.

  22. Dissolution

  23. Upon dissolution of the Club decided at an A.G.M./E.G.M.(whether voluntary or otherwise) all surplus funds of the Club shall be released to such other organisations having objectives similar to those of the Club at the date of dissolution approved by the Charity Commissioners.

  24. Alterations to Rules

  25. No rules can be altered, or additions made, except at an EGM or the Annual General Meeting and cannot be passed unless carried by a two-third majority of those present and voting. Notice of such alterations or additions shall be sent to the secretary.

  26. Matters arising from Rules

  27. All matters that may arise concerning the foregoing Rules shall be settled by the committee whose decision shall be final and binding.