The history of P.A.S.C.

The first record of the Club’s existence was a newspaper report dated 23rd August 1924. This reported a match organised by Portishead Swimming Club for 8 club members to swim from Battery Point to the Sugar Loaf beach.

The Club operated from Sugar Loaf beach on the Severn Estuary in Portishead, and the long swim was a regular event.

From 1961 the Portishead Open Air Pool was used from April to September, come rain or shine!!! It was not unusual to see the teacher on poolside in a wet suit or with a golfing umbrella.

The Club swam at Backwell Pool when it opened, during the winter months, but then switched to Shirehampton Pool. It operated as a family club, where parents joined their children in the pool at the end of the teaching session. What a great way to recruit volunteers.

The Club was asked to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Open Air Pool in 1981 with a Junior Gala involving Pontypool, Bristol North, Backwell, Weston and Portishead.

In 1996, Portishead Amateur Swimming Club moved into Parish Wharf Leisure Centre, where we continue to operate for 3 hours every Club night.